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American Pager Professionals
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About Pagers


American Paging Professionals was formed by a group of individuals representing different entities in various locations across the US that are closely involved with the American paging industry. We are dedicated professionals that have vast experience in the paging business dating back to the mid 1960s. We know that paging is still the most cost-effective method of delivering time-sensitive communication over both short and long distances. We have implemented this website because we believe that through the proper education of the public, that the American paging industry will not only survive, but will once again enjoy widespread acceptance. Most people don't realize that nearly every hospital in the US relies heavily on their internal paging systems. Nurses, doctors, and the like continue to carry and utilize pocket pagers as their communications lifeline. Many facilites in other industries have realized the value of either having their own paging system, or utilizing paging service from one of the many paging carriers or resellers across the US.

In short, our mission is to educate those that are considering incorporating paging service into their lives or businesses, and to assist those that have already done so.

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